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Mining and Cavern Excavation

Uranium mine in the San Rafael mine district ( Argentina)

Mining activities play a major role in the construction, operation, and closure of a deep repository for radioactive waste. Our mining expertise is derived from the experience of our parent company, DBE, gained in the operation of the Morsleben repository and the Konrad mine as well as in the construction and operation of the Gorleben exploration mine. Due to our broad expertise in salt mining, there are many overlaps with aspects relevant to the excavation of storage caverns.

Our expertise encompasses mines and open pits as well as mining in other sedimentary and crystalline rocks other than salt, which is our main focus. Apart from final disposal, we also apply our experience in different fields of geosciences, natural sciences, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering to mining and cavern excavation.

Model of IVG’s oil and gas storage caverns in Etzel (Germany)

For example:

  • site investigation and exploration
  • mine concepts, mine design and technology, and analogous to this, concepts for facilities, systems, and components relevant to cavern construction
  • operation of mines and cavern facilities
  • safety technology and safety assessments
  • mine surveying and geotechnical measuring techniques for exploration, surveying and monitoring
  • closure of underground facilities and boreholes
  • licensing and supervising procedures according to mining law
  • environmental impact analyses



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