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Measures in Radioactive Waste Management

HDB-Interim storage facility with stacked Konrad-containers (Karlsruhe, Germany, source: HDB)

By our cooperation with transport and storage casks manufacturers, operators of conditioning plants for radioactive waste, energy supply companies, and research institutions, we have gained extensive know-how and multi-purpose technical competences in radioactive waste management.

Our knowledge and experience includes the preparation of a waste documentation for waste acceptance at the repository including waste characterisation and classification and implementation of data bases and waste tracking systems. We deal with questions relating to waste specification and product control as well as to the loading and handling of waste containers.

We plan and develop waste and facility-specific concepts for conditioning plants and conditioning processes for low- and intermediate level radioactive waste, and supervise their application.

Dismantling of a nuclear submarine (Nuclear)

We participate in the development of containers for low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste and transport and storage casks for spent fuel. We are proficient in licensing issues, e.g. the approval and licensing procedures according to transport law and nuclear law. We also assist container producers in planning, executing, and analysing demonstration tests and in preparing safety documents for the approval procedure according to transport laws.

We take care of all aspects of radioactive waste transport from container loading and transportation logistics to the licensing requirements.

We develop designs for interim storage facilities, design the necessary handling and monitoring equipment, supervise the construction and commissioning of the facilities, and assist in the corresponding licensing procedures.

We have in-depth knowledge of radiation protection equipment planning and the implementation of radiation protection measures.

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