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Development of Monitoring concepts for HLW repositories within a European context

International Workshop on monitoring strategies in Stockholm

The successful implementation of a repository programme for radioactive waste relies on both the technical aspects of a sound safety strategy and scientific and engineering excel-lence as well as on social aspects such as stakeholder acceptance and confidence. Monitoring is considered key in serving both ends. Not only is it essential to underpin the technical safety strategy and quality of the engineering. It can also be an important tool for public communication, contributing to public understanding of and confidence in repository behaviour. Following the results of the MoDeRn project, which was finished in 2013, and providing an international reference framework for monitoring high-level waste repositories, MODERN2020, funded by the European Commission, aims at providing the means for developing and implementing an efficient repository monitoring programme that takes into account the specific requirements of national programmes. The work allows advanced national radioactive waste disposal programmes to design monitoring systems suitable for deployment when repositories start operating and supports less developed programmes in designing new monitoring programmes. 

The work is established to understand what should be monitored within the frame of the safe-ty cases and to provide a methodology on how monitoring information can be used to support decision making and to plan for responding to monitoring results. 

A strong focus of MODERN2020 is set to the development of conceptual approaches for monitoring specific engineered barrier systems (EBS) without impairing their sealing func-tions. Additionally, the work aims at improving and developing innovative repository monitor-ing techniques especially in terms of wireless data transmission and alternative power supply sources. Finally, MODERN2020 has the objective to effectively engage local stakeholders in the R&D monitoring activity. During the first workshop held in Stockholm basic points on monitoring strategies have been stipulated. Further information can be found on the MOD-ERN2020 webpage: 

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