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In Memoriam of Dr. Enrique Biurrun, Recipient of the Wendell D. Weart Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Enrique Biurrun

Shortly before the Easter weekend, our highly esteemed colleague, Dr Enrique Biurrun, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 65.

Between 1988 and 2001, Enrique Bi­urrun, who was born in the Mendoza Province of Argentina, worked as a project engineer at DBE before becom­ing Head of the International Coopera­tion Department at DBE TECHNOL­OGY GmbH in 2002. In his 30-year career, Dr Biurrun was involved with various international institutions work­ing in radioactive waste disposal and was, thus, key in making our company well-respected within the community.

Only recently, Dr Biurrun was present­ed with the Wendell D. Weart Lifetime Achievement Award at the Waste Man­agement Symposium (WMS) in Phoe­nix, AZ. For health reasons, he could not attend the Symposium in person but accepted the award via video message.

In his acceptance speech, Dr Biur­run pointed out that progress in ra­dioactive waste storage and disposal in Germany may require a good deal of resilience, while in other European countries such as Finland, Sweden, or France, unaffected by political circum­stances in Germany, licenses for the construction of final repositories have already been granted or are expected in the near future. He was proud of his personal involvement in a similar licens­ing process for Bulgaria. In addition, he emphasized the importance of interna­tional exchange and promoted the con­tinuance of international collaboration. There is no better way to address the concerns and issues in this field.

In the field of radioactive waste man­agement, the Symposium enjoys great renown around the world. It provides a platform supporting international dis­cussions in the search for safe and sustainable solutions for the disposal of radioactive waste and the decommis­sioning of nuclear facilities. The award recognizes the long-term commitment of the recipient to solving major nuclear waste challenges.

With the passing of Dr Biurrun both we and the international waste manage­ment community have lost an outstand­ing expert and communicator, who has earned lasting respect and merit for his contributions towards the furtherance of international cooperation in the dis­posal of radioactive waste.

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