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Development of Monitoring Concepts for HLW Repositories within a European Context (EU project MODERN 2020)

International Workshop on monitoring strategies in Oakham, England

Project MODERN2020, funded by the European Commission, aims at providing the means for developing and implementing an effective repository monitoring programme that takes into account the specific requirements of national programmes. The work allows advanced national radioactive waste disposal programmes to design monitoring systems suitable for deployment when repositories start operating and supports less developed programmes in designing new monitoring programmes. MODERN2020 strongly focuses on the development of conceptual approaches for monitoring specific engineered barrier systems (EBS) without impairing their sealing functions.

 During a workshop held in Oakham, UK, (14.–16.06.2016) two main issues were discussed intensively. These issues are:

 ·       The development of a strategy and methodology to establish a list of parameters essential to monitor in a high-level waste repository during the operational phase as well as during a specified period after closing the repository, with a focus on sealing systems.

·       The development of a strategy to engage public stakeholders in the establishment of a monitoring programme, also considering the necessary information exchange in both directions, i.e. providing the stakeholders with information and taking into account their demands.

 Significant progress has been made regarding a “Parameter Screening” process that can be seen as guidance for national disposal programmes to come to a consolidated list of parameters essential to monitor. The discussion with public stakeholders present at the workshop brought clarification regarding their information requirements and a way to engage them in the developmen of a monitoring programme. Further information can be found on the MODERN2020 website:


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