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Cooperation with Japanese Organisation for Radioactive Waste Management, RWMC, Extended

In July, the cooperation agreement between the Japanese Radioactive Waste Management Funding and Research Center (RWMC) on the one hand and DBE as well as DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH on the other hand was extended for another five years. All parties emphasised the fruitful, constructive, and especially the trustful relationship, which developed over the 15 years of existence of the cooperation. The cooperation comprises an active exchange of information, regular mutual visits, but also provision of services like status reports on the national repository programme.

Under the umbrella of the Ministry for Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) RWMC organises and executes as the sole neutral research organization specialized in radioactive waste in Japan a broad array of research with the aid of academic and industrial competencies. Meanwhile, RWMC started the administration of the final disposal fund for geological disposal in 2000, and since 2005 RWMC has been administering the spent fuel reprocessing fund.

The cooperation with RWMC as well as the cooperation with the Japanese industry company IHI Corporation facilitate a comprehensive insight into the Japanese radioactive waste management activities. Especially in the current situation, characterised by a restart of the search for a suitable site for a HLW geologic repository, the existing cooperations are very valuable for both sides.

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