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DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH is hosting an IAEA Technical Meeting on Site Investigation Technologies and Techniques for Radioactive Waste Disposal Facilities in Peine

Drilling for site characterization

The selection and characterization of a site for deep geologic disposal of radioactive waste is a fundamental aspect of waste management programs in many countries. A new program has in fact recently been initiated in Germany. The internationally accepted strategy for the safe disposal of radioactive waste relies on a series of natural and engineered barriers. Site investigation and characterization studies provide important information in developing the scientific and engineering basis for development of a waste disposal strategy at the national level. To this end the development of a sound understanding of a site's characteristics is a prerequisite for the iterative site assessment process, including the design and layout of the repository, the functioning of the engineered barriers, and the development of the safety case as well as the construction, operation and closure of the repository. A number of national waste disposal programs have already carried out well documented investigations that provide providing defensible results and valuable expertise.


The goal of the IAEA working meeting to be held at DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH in Peine from the 15th to 19th of May 2017 is to summarize and discuss the extensive experience that has been gained internationally in site investigation and characterization programs and to document these results in a new IAEA report. The form and content of the proposed report will be discussed. The facilitation of a comprehensive exchange of experience at the working meeting is an important aspect that will be further developed and deepened in future technical meetings.

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