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First German Repository Concept for Crystalline Host Rock

Tunnel boring machine at the Gotthard-Basis-Tunnel (drift punch west) in crystalline rock (source: AlpTransit Gotthard AG)

In the course of the R&D project KONEKD, DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH investigates the technical feasibility of a generic repository for heat generating radioactive waste and spent fuel in a crystalline host rock. This work will prepare the development of a safety and safety demonstration concept for a repository in German crystalline formations. First the state-of-the-art in crystalline mining has been compiled. The main objective of the project is the development of a repository concept adaptable to different geological boundary conditions. The time need and the costs of the developed repository - starting with planning up to the end of repository operation - will be also estimated. Finally, the procedure and results of the project will be summarized in a report.

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