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Upgrade of the Hoisting System for Shaft 1 of the HADES Underground Laboratory (Mol, Belgium)

Shaft 1 of the underground laboratory HADES (Mol, Belgium)

In the result of an open tendering procedure EURIDICE (European Underground Research Infrastructure for Disposal of nuclear waste In a Clay Environment) contracted DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH together with Tractebel ENGIE to renovate the shaft hoist of shaft 1 of the underground laboratory HADES in Mol, Belgium.

The existing bobbin hoist has been in operation for several decades and, according to the client, should be modernized. DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH will essentially deliver the conceptual planning for the new hoist. Binding regulations do not exist in Belgium as those applied for the construction of the facility have now expired. Therefore, the first step in the project is to agree on a legal and normative basis for the design with the client and the responsible regulator. During the development of the technical design for the hoist, the greatest challenge will be the guidance of the conveyance. Since the shaft is not perfectly vertical over its whole length, adjustments to the guide rails will be necessary. Rope guides will not be possible, as a prefeasibility study of DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH has already established in 2014.
After completion of the conceptual design, the consortium of DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH and Tractebel ENGIE will assist in the public tender to acquire an EPC contractor and finally also support the client during construction supervision.

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