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IAEA Technical Meeting on the Role of Underground Research Facilities in Relation to HLW Disposal Programmes

From September 11 until September 23, 2017, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) held a technical meeting on the role of Underground Research Facilities (URF) in relation to HLW repositories. The meeting took place in Gyeongju, South-Korea. The general objective of IAEA is to prepare a compendium of information based on the results of research, development, and demonstration activities carried out at Underground Research Facilities for geological disposal of radioactive waste. This information is to be compiled in an IAEA technical document that provides an overview of the existing URFs around the world and gives a comprehensive overview of the main information on RD&D results obtained so far from URFs. The technical document will be made available to all member states. DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH, as the German participant, was represented by Michael Jobmann, Deputy Head of its Research and Development Department, who joined the technical meeting with the aim to discuss the boundary conditions for and the thematic objectives of Underground Research Facilities in relation to waste disposal programmes.

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