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DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH presented at the SALTMECH 2012 results from R&D projects in the field of backfilling and sealing of repositories

The 7th International Conference on the Mechanical Behavior of Salt (SALTMECH 2012) has been organized by the Geoengineering Research Department of MINES ParisTech and the „LMS of Polytechnique ParisTech“ and took place from April 16 to 19, 2012, in Paris (France). It was the objective of the conference to give experts from research, industry and economy an opportunity for exchange of information and experiences on the current state of science and research on the geomechanical properties of salt and possibilities for their description and analysis by numerical modeling. Main topics have been laboratory investigations,  and constitutive modelings, coupled processes and hydro-chemical effects, field measurements and back analyses, numerical modeling, mining and sealing, hydrocarbons and compressed air storage, solution mining and final disposal of chemotoxic and radioactive waste.
In the sessions “Laboratory Testing” and "Permeability, Sealing and Backfilling“ DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH reported on results from the following issues:

  • Simulation of the mechanical deterioration of rock salt at grain scale
  • Drift sealing elements in the Asse II mine as a component of the emergency concept  assessment of the hydro-mechanical functionality
  • Performance of tight historic drift seals from the viewpoint of current knowledge on EDZ
  • The compaction behavior of salt backfill at low porosities
  • Thermo-mechanical analyses for evaluating a HLW repository concept
  • Injection of sodium silicate solutions into rock salt – long-term behavior
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