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On September 18, 2012, DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH hosted "An Evening of Arts and Sciences" at its headquarters in Peine

From left to right: Mr M. Ripkens (Tech. Managing Director), the referencee Mr Dr. V. Steinbach (BGR), Mr B. Raapke (Com. Managing Director)

Lively discussions and …

…smiling faces during the reception

On September 18, 2012, a special event entitled "An Evening of Arts and Sciences" took place at DBE/DBE TECHNOLOGY's headquarters in Peine. The evening tied in with a series of past events hosted by DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH and –as always – was met with great interest and positive response. The evening gave colleagues and business associates the opportunity for a casual exchange in a relaxed and informal atmosphere away from work. About 120 guests from 34 companies, research institutes, and authorities attended the event.

The "sciences" part was covered by Dr. Volker Steinbach (Head of the Department of Energy Resources and Mineral Resources of the Federal Office on Geosciences (BGR)) who discussed the very popular issue “Resources for the Future – rare or only expensive ?”.

Highlighting the event, the "Saratoga Seven Jazzband“ entertained the guests very dynamically .

The evening concluded with a get-together.

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