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EU-project for the development of repository concepts for radioactive waste in Ukraine has started

Participants of the kick-off-meeting in Kiew (Ukraine)

In the course of an EU sponsored project, repository concepts for the suitable disposal of radioactive waste in Ukraine should be developed. In doing so, all kinds of radioactive waste, that currently occur or that will occur in future, will be considered. A consortium of ANDRA (France), COVRA (Netherlands), DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH (Germany: project leader), ENRESA (Spain) and SKB International (Sweden) as well as local Ukrainian experts won the tendering procedure at the end of the last year. The kick-off meeting took place at the house of science in Kiew (Ukraine) at December, 10, 2012.
The project is subdivided into several tasks. First, the relevant kinds of radioactive waste and the waste streams should be identified und characterized. Hence the requirements for a repository in Ukraine will be derived. Concepts for the repository and appropriate waste containers will be developed in an iterative process basing on international experiences and know-how. Basing on these data, a safety analysis will be performed. Finally, the general waste acceptance criteria for the repository will be defined and a program for the implementation of the concepts will be developed.
The considered waste will include all kinds of low, medium and high level radioactive waste from the operation of nuclear power plants as well as from research and medical applications. Additionally, the specific properties of the waste from the exclusion zone in the surroundings of Tschernobyl will be considered. Principally, there is no premature fixing on sites and repository types.
The project has a duration of three years and is part of the support program of the European Union for nuclear safety.

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