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DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH was co-organizer of the 2nd “Technical Discussion of Repository Mining” held in Essen, Germany

Welcome speech by Dr. Krone, executive manager of DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH

In recent years, the final disposal of radioactive waste has repeatedly been in the political and public focus. The appropriate consideration of all political, social, scientific, and technical aspects related to this issue is a demanding task.
The Essen Technical Discussion of Repository Mining was initiated to provide the opportunity for a first-hand exchange of information and experience among experts. The 1st Essen Technical Discussion was held in March 2012 and was met with great interest. Therefore, it was decided to continue this exchange of information with further lecture events.
On February 28, 2013, the 2nd Essen Technical Discussion, which had been organized by DMT, DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH, and GNS mbH, was held at the Technologiepark in Essen.
In 4 presentations, more than 100 participants from the industry, from expert agencies, and from competent authorities caught up on the international status of final disposal, on the results of a review of a safety assessment of a French repository concept in clay, on technical developments regarding the Konrad repository, and on the status of data acquisition for the Asse mine. The results were the subject of an animated discussion among the audience.
The presentation of DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH gave an “overview of the international status of radioactive waste disposal from the German perspective”. Furthermore, the company ran an exhibition stand where it presented its competences and know-how

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