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At the annual WM2013 in Phoenix, Arizona, DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH presented the results of their work on the final disposal of radioactive waste

The international WM2013 conference was held in Phoenix, Arizona from February 02 – 28 for the 39th time. More than 2000 participants from all over the world at-tended the conference to catch up on the state of the art in science and technology in radioactive waste management.

At the conference, DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH presented the results of a safety analysis for a repository for heat-generating radioactive waste in a salt dome and in-formed about several international projects. The 6 presentations DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH was involved with were:

  • US / German Collaboration in Salt Repository Research, Design and Operation (13243).
  • Technical Design and Optimization of a HLW-Repository in the Gorleben Salt Dome Including a Detailed Design of the Sealing System (13305)
  • Preliminary Safety Analysis of the Gorleben Site: Safety Concept and Application to Scenario Development Based on a Site-specific Features, Events and Processes (FEP) Database (13304a).
  • Safety Assessment for the Kozloduy National Disposal Facility in Bulgaria (13507)
  • Safety Assessment for a Surface Repository in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone – Methodology for Assessing Disposal under Intervention Conditions” (13476)
  • Safety Assessment for VLLW Disposal at the National Radioactive Waste Re-pository Mochovce in Slovakia” (13508)


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