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Support Project on Radioactive Waste Management in Georgia assigned to Consortium of TÜV NORD EnSys and DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH

ILW concreted into 200 l drums stored at the Georgian CSF Interim Storage Facility.

On July 12, 2013, a German consortium led by TÜV NORD EnSys Hannover GmbH & Co. KG and joined by DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH signed a contract with the European Commission to execute the INSC project G.04.01.09 “Support to the operators in the preparation of safety assessment reports for Georgian radioactive waste disposal and interim storage sites".
Main objective of the project that is financially supported by the EC in the framework of the INSC-Programme (Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation) is the improvement of nuclear and radiation safety in Georgia by the execution of safety assessments for the interim storage facility (CSF) and the Saakadze disposal facility. The interim storage facility is still in operation, while the disposal facility was already closed in 1995. The safety assessment of the disposal facility includes an assessment of the potential radiological impact of the possible additional disposal of unused sealed radio­active sources and other radioactive waste at the Saakadze site.
A further objective is the identification of any additional equipment and training needs for the operators of the mentioned waste management facilities.
DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH's main responsibility in this one-year-project will be the preparation of the safety assessment report for the Saakadze repository.

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