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Development of a Design of a Radioactive Waste Repository in Iraq

Conceptual site model of Al-Tuwaitha in Iraq (Source: Sandia National Laboratories)

Iraq used to have a comprehensive nuclear programme in the past. As a result of a bombing in 1991, extensive damage and also looting occurred at the nuclear sites, particularly at the Al-Tuwaitha site, where 18 nuclear facilities were located. With international support, significant progress has been made in the decommissioning of a number of nuclear facilities at the Al-Tuwaitha site. Currently, Iraq considers to locate a radioactive waste disposal facility at the Al-Tuwaitha site (about 30 km from Bagdad), which is the subject of this INSC (Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation) project sponsored by the EU. The near-surface disposal facility is intended for the disposal of low- and intermediate-level waste from past activities in Iraq as well as for future radioactive waste produced in the country (e.g. decommissioning and remediation).

The design of the Iraqi repository was granted to a consortium consisting of NUKEM Technologies GmbH as leader, DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH, and the Slovak Radioactive Waste Management Organisation JAVYS. The specific responsibilities of DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH will be the development of the conceptual design and the safety analysis report. 

The duration of the project, which started in May, is three years.

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