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Engineering Services

Emplacement device for borehole disposal of canisters with spent fuel
Thin section of a concrete sample

Our team consists of highly qualified civil engineers and architects as well as
mechanical, electrical, and mining engineers. We employ and continuously expand their multi-disciplinary knowledge through national and international projects.

Our engineering services for disposal facilities for radioactive waste, mines, cavern facilities, tunnel construction, and civil engineering projects include:

  • planning and design of layouts for disposal and exploration mines
  • construction planning and design of industrial buildings, and scheduling and supervision of civil engineering works construction
  • construction planning for fire protection and plant security
  • planning and development of components for handling and transport of waste packages
  • testing, commissioning, and acceptance of systems and components
  • development of construction material for backfill and sealing measures
  • conceptualization and performance of engineering proofs
  • planning and development of monitoring systems
  • design of containers