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Safety Engineering Analyses and Evaluations

Test equipment with neutron source (Germany)
Predictive modelling of potential radiation exposures in the biosphere during the post-operational period of the Richard repository (Czech Republic)

In order to protect man and the environment, legislation defines a wide range of requirements which need to be met by all operators of industrial facilities in order to ensure safe operations. We provide solutions that meet the regulatory safety requirements. Compliance with safety standards is our utmost concern in all work processes. We have comprehensive know-how of safety-related issues which we make available to our clients.

Our services cover all aspects of nuclear safety, operational safety, environmental protection, plant security of facilities for the management of radioactive waste, of mines, caverns, etc.:

  • problem analyses
  • proof of structural integrity and functionality of constructions
  • analyses of occupational health and safety, and mining safety issues
  • accident analyses
  • radiation protection concepts
  • radiological monitoring of facilities and their surroundings
  • sewage and exhaust air monitoring
  • concepts for fire and lightning protection, power supply, and control technology
  • geotechnical monitoring and mining survey of underground facilities
  • long-term safety analyses
  • concepts for facility security