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Numerical Modelling and Visualization

Results of thermo-mechanical calculations: Rock movements in the surroundings of a generic repository (red cuboid) in clay stone
Results of thermo-mechanical calculations: Excavation damaged zone in the near field of two emplacement drifts
Results of thermo-mechanical calculations for a shaft seal

The safety assessment of disposal and mining facilities is a very complex task. As a systems service provider we offer consulting, data acquisition, model development, model calculation, and metrological monitoring services from a single source, thus providing consistent and rapid processing.

The modelling of pollutant spread via groundwater or air, in complex situations in rock formations or at the surface, or simulation of operating procedures, are prerequisites for confirmation of safety.

We have extensive experience of three-dimensional modelling of interactions of different processes in various media. The acquisition and computer-aided analysis of large amounts of data, and the modelling of large structures by means of parallel processing in clustered computer systems, are two of our strengths. Verified and validated computer codes are fundamentals of our work. Our specialists take responsibility for correct data evaluation and interpretation. Clear presentation is the basis for effective and comprehensive evaluation of the results.

Our services comprise:

  • problem analyses
  • model development
  • complex numerical model calculations (mechanical, thermal, chemical, and hydraulic processes, singly or in combination)
  • probabilistic safety analyses
  • Monte-Carlo simulations to calculate radiation exposure
  • analysis and interpretation of results
  • preparation of safety assessments