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Demonstration test of shaft hoisting of waste containers (German R&D project)

Study on Shaft Hoisting in US Repositories

(Sandia National Laboratories, on behalf of the United States Department of Energy – US – DOE)

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Pilot study on the development of a shaft hoisting system for the transport of waste containers with a payload of 175 t to the repository level.

Hoisting tower of shaft 1 of the Belgian underground laboratory PRACLAY

Development of a Concept for the Refurbishment of the Shaft at the Belgian Underground Laboratory PRACLAY

(EURIDICE, Belgium)

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Appraisal of the current status of the shaft column and the hoisting equipment, determination of the refurbishment needs, development of a refurbishment concept, that includes 2 alternatives for the surface facilities of the hoisting system and 3 variants for different parts of the shaft column, comparison of the options with regard to economy, technical feasibility and operational consequences.

Control station and view on new hoisting equipment of shaft Asse 4

Upgrade oft he Hoisting Equipment of Shaft Asse 4

(Asse GmbH)

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Overall coordination of upgrading work for the shaft hoisting system (new man-riding equipment, new braking system (SELDA-installations), new hoisting equipment, new electro-technical control room), electro-technical supervision of the contractor

3 D model of repository excavations and disposal boreholes embedded in salt formations

Virtual Underground Laboratory for Salt Formations (VIRTUS)

(Project Management Agency Karlsruhe (PTKA) on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology (BMWi)

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Development of a tool for visualizing and analyzing coupled thermal-hydraulic-mechanical processes in geological repositories, visualization of the geological structure and the underground excavations

3D models of samples of crushed salt with a higher porosity (bottom) and a lower porosity (top). Porosity green coloured. Top sample with a low pore connectivity.

Functionality of Salt Backfill in a HLW Repository in Salt Formations (REPOPERM)

(Project Management Agency Karlsruhe (PTKA) on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology (BMWi)

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Analysis of compacted crushed salt backfill in thin sections and by means of X-ray computer tomography, investigations of porosity, calibration of constitutive models for process modeling

Mock-up-test demonstrating the feasibility of a void-free backfilling of the disposal drifts

Reference Backfill for the Disposal Galleries in the Current Belgian Reference Concept


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Development of a suitable backfill material and demonstration of the technical feasibility oft he backfill process, performing laboratory tests, i.a. on pumpability and the flow or speading behavior of the mixture, examinations of pore solutions and the thermal properties.

Belgian repository concept (Source: ONDRAF/NIRAS)

Technical feasibility study for the Belgian repository concept


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Analysis of the actual repository concept, demonstration of the technical feasibility, planning for the ventilation system and the underground transport, consequences of a possible requirement for retrievability of waste packages on the Belgian repository concept, conceptual development of a shaft hoisting system and development of backfill materials for the disposal drifts, safety analyses for shaft hoisting and for underground transport of waste packages.

ITC-workshop at the headquarters of DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH

Deep geological repositories in sedimentary rocks


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Hosting a workshop on final disposal of radioactive waste for participants from 13 countries, transfer of knowledge and experience on the properties of various host rock types, the operation of German repositories, safety concepts and safety cases, and research projects on repository technology.

Emplacement device for borehole disposal of canisters with spent fuel

Optimization of Direct Disposal of Spent Fuel by emplacement of
canisters in boreholes (DENKMAL)

(Projektträger Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology, Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service mbH (GNS), European Commission)

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Full-scale test to demonstrate the technical feasibility of underground transport and emplacement of canisters in vertical boreholes, development of the required components to licensability, construction and testing and safety analysis including hazard analysis.