Demonstration test for borehole emplacement: the spent fuel canister (below) can be caught by a grabber and retrieved from the borehole.

Consequences of Retrievability on Existing Emplacement Concepts and Requirements for New Concepts (ASTERIX, ERNESTA)

(Project Management Agency Karlsruhe (PTKA) on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology (BMWi)

Our services

Development of technical and operational requirements for retrieval of disposal containers from emplacement drifts and boreholes, analysis of the compatibility of existing technical equipment resp. the complexity of required modifications, planning of operational procedures for retrieval, comparison of retrieval procedures in different host rocks and for different repository concepts, evaluation of consequences for different emplacement concepts as well as for operational and long-term safety.

Flowchart of spent fuel management applying transmutation (source: ACATECH)

Consequences of Partitioning and Transmutation (P & T) for Repository Concepts and Long-term Safety of Repositories for Heat-generating Radioactive Waste

(Project Management Agency Karlsruhe (PTKA) on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology (BMWi)

Our services

Conclusion of the current status of repository research in Germany, Analysis of waste types and amounts resulting from P&T-processes, resulting requirements for repository concepts, evaluation of consequences for final disposal and long-term safety.

3 D model of the French geological repository design (CIGÉO) (Source: ANDRA)

Support for the French Project for the Development of the Conceptual Design for a Deep Geological Repository (CIGÉO)

(ANDRA, France)

Our services:

Development of a conceptual design for shaft installations and hoisting equipment for 5 shafts of the French repository concepts, analysis and planning of operational procedures.

Methodical approach to site exploration and selection

Site exploration requirements for a repository for high-level radio-active waste in hard rock

(Projektträger Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology)

Our services

Identification of requirements for site exploration as a basis for a safety and/or site suitability assessment based on exemplary data from two planned Russian repository sites in the Krasnoyarsk region (granite) and near Majak (porphyry).

Outcrop in the Shezkazgan mine district (Kazakhstan)
Investigations in a copper-ore mine in the Shezkazgan region (Kazakhstan)

Suitability study of the copper mining region Shezkazgan as a repository site for low- and inter-mediate-level radioactive waste

(Kazakhyms AG, Kasachstan)

Our services

Compilation of site data and of the potential waste inventory, geological and hydrogeological investigation and evaluation of the host rock and the overburden, preliminary repository planning, evaluation of the site suitability for a repository for low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste.

Emplacement technology for borehole disposal in clay

Methodology and applicability of a safety demonstration concept for a HLW-repository in clay (ANSICHT)

(Projektträger Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology)

Our services

Project management, development of an emplacement and sealing concept for final disposal of heat-generating waste in clay, preparation of FEP-catalogues for the reference regions Northern Germany and Southern Germany, development of scenarios and integrity proofs for the geological and geotechnical barriers.

Repository layout for drift emplacement of heat-generating radioactive waste at the Gorleben site

Preliminary Safety Case for the Gorleben Site (VSG)

(Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit mbH (GRS) on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conversation and Reactor Safety)

Our services

Development of concepts for drift and borehole emplacement of spent fuel, reprocessing waste, and waste with negligible heat-generation. For these studies we take into account retrievability and handleability, technical design, development of sealing concepts, demonstration of the integrity of geotechnical barriers, optimization of the repository concept, FEP-catalogue and scenario development.

Aerial view of the Buryakovka repository (Ukraine)
Layout of the Buryakovka repository (Ukraine)

Improvement of the infrastructure for radioactive waste management in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (Ukraine)

(European Commission)

Our services

Project management, evaluation of concept for reconstruction and enlargement of the Buryakovka repository (Ukraine), performance of safety analyses, development of waste acceptance criteria, concepts for waste characterization and acceptance control.