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Repository Concepts

Emplacement technology for borehole disposal in clay
Repository layout for drift emplacement of heat-generating radioactive waste at the Gorleben site

Repository conceptualization requires a definition of the type of host rock and its characterization, the waste inventory, technology for repository operation and safety requirements. Repository planning is a multi-stage procedure of continuous specification and refinement. Initially, a generic repository concept is developed which specifies
site-independent preliminary aspects of the layout with regard to technical feasibility.

We benefit from DBE‘s long-term experience in operating the Morsleben deep geological repository as an important basis for future repository planning. We can also draw on decades of experience in the development of concepts and planning of near-surface and deep repositories in salt, clay and crystalline rock. We prepare specific concepts for the final disposal of low, intermediate, and high level radioactive waste and for spent fuel. In doing so we take into account legal requirements, the types, volumes and characteristics of waste, and operational and technical aspects.

For decision making in fundamental issues, we analyse and evaluate alternative concepts. Our expertise in developing repository concepts includes the planning of surface and underground facilities, emplacement technologies and techniques, backfilling and sealing technologies, operational concepts and design calculations.

We also analyse and evaluate existing repository concepts of our clients, and give recommendations for concept optimisation.

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