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Repository Safety

Scheme for the procedure of a radiological long-term safety assessment for a repository in salt formations
Conceptual scheme of fluid paths in the Buryakovka repository (Ukraine)
Results from calculations to determine the release of radionuclides from the Buryakovka repository (Ukraine)

Radioactive waste final disposal is aimed at protecting man and the environment against potential risks. Such protection should be ensured during repository operation as well as after closure. To meet this objective appropriate safety measures need to be applied at all stages, from repository planning to repository closure. Due to our involvement in national and international repository projects and related R&D work we have gained comprehensive know-how and expertise in all aspects of repository safety. Our experience comprises radiological and nuclear safety as well as other aspects of operational safety such as occupational safety, mine safety, and environmental protection. We deal with the varying safety requirements during different repository project stages, from construction to repository closure, and for the post-operational period (long-term safety). Our experience  preparing safety analyses ranges from near-surface repositories to repository mines for all kinds of radioactive waste and for various host rocks.

Our experience covers:

  • performance of long-term safety analyses for repository projects; involvement in national and international committees on the advancement of the methodology for long-term safety assessments
  • development of safety concepts according to the legal requirements and definition of appropriate design requirements for the repository
  • planning of monitoring systems and measures for radiation protection, water and environmental monitoring as well as geotechnical monitoring of the underground facilities; development and testing of new monitoring systems in research projects
  • preparation of safety documentation for surface and underground buildings as well as stability proofs for mine excavations
  • development of concepts for repository security (physical protection)
  • analyses of operating procedures and development of occupational safety concepts
  • planning of systems and components for fire protection, earthing and lightning protection as well as electrical engineering and monitoring technology
  • development and implementation of closure concepts for repositories and participation in research projects on closure measures in different host rocks



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