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Repository Design

Aerial view of the Mochovce repository (Slovak Republic)
Signature of the contract in Sofia at October 25, 2011: Trachykov Traykov (Minister for Economy, Energy and Tourism, Bulgaria), Borries Raapke (Managing director DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH), José Emeterio Gutierrez (President of Westinghouse) (from left to right)

The repository design transforms the safety concept requirements for repository facilities, systems, and components into technical specifications for construction. After site selection, the repository design is the next important element to ensure the safe enclosure of radioactive waste for long periods of time. As well as the safety concept requirements, we take into account the results of site exploration, analysis of operating procedures, and the technical requirements of applicable rules and standards for the development of a repository design.

We prepare detailed plans of facilities, systems, and components according to the conceptual design, thus demonstrating the technical feasibility of relevant processes and compliance with a prerequisite for licensing. Our services range from the conceptual design up to the planning and commissioning of manufactured systems and components, including their certification according to technical rules and standards.

Based on our multi-disciplinary know-how and the high competence of our staff, we can cover all design requirements in the field of radioactive waste final disposal from the adaptation of the underground facilities design to meet the site’s geological conditions, through the design of surface facilities, including the detailed planning of special equipment and components.

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