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Repository Technology

Emplacement device for borehole disposal of spent fuel containers (Germany)
Shaft hoisting of a POLLUX® cask for spent fuel (Germany)

Based on our long-term experience in radioactive waste management and final disposal technology, we solve complex tasks in design and manufacturing of special vehicles and equipment, monitoring systems and devices, and repository utilities. Our know-how covers all the relevant systems and components of a repository.

Starting from repository design and construction requirements, we develop, manufacture, and test the necessary systems and components of repository technology up to their licensability, so demonstrating their technical feasibility and compliance with all safety requirements for future use in a repository.

We adapt mining and civil engineering components, e.g., shaft hoisting equipment as well as wheel and rail vehicles, to the specific requirements of a repository. Furthermore, we convert control and communication systems as well as supply, electrical and monitoring equipment accordingly. For specific disposal tasks, e.g. for the emplacement of casks with radioactive waste or for the closure of emplacement drifts and boreholes, we develop new technological solutions up to licensability.

In addition, we are involved in the development of casks and containers for transportation, interim storage, and final disposal of radioactive waste.

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