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Radioactive waste management is our core competence.

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In many fields of everyday life radioactive waste is produced:

Radioactive waste is generated during the operation and decommissioning of nuclear facilities, in measurement technology (e.g. control of welds, measurement of coating thickness, level measuring in reservoirs), in research and industrial applications (e.g. smoke and fire detectors, emergency lighting, colorants for glass and ceramics) as well as in the medical field and in oil and gas production.

Due to its potential hazards, radioactive waste requires careful handling during all stages, from its origin to its final disposal. We provide solutions for the safe handling and disposal of radioactive waste.

The radioactive waste management cycle starts with waste recovery and analysis and classification, followed by conditioning and packaging, transport, interim storage, and final disposal.

Our extensive know-how and experience covers all stages of radioactive waste management with a focus on final disposal.

We focus on protecting man and the environment by the safe long-term isolation of radioactive waste.

The basis for our expertise and know-how is the experience gained from our long-term involvement in German repository projects and national
and international R&D work.

From our parent company, DBE, we have accu-mulated more than 30 years of experience in planning, licensing, construction, and operation of German federal repositories for radioactive waste (Morsleben repository, Konrad repository,
Gorleben exploration mine). Thus, we have comprehensive nuclear technology and mining know-how and expertise that we are continuously expanding.

Furthermore, we can look back on more than 25 years of experience in national and international radioactive waste management R&D projects focussing on final disposal. In final repository research, we cooperate with expert organisations all over the world and participate in international projects in underground laboratories, such as Mont Terri and Grimsel (Switzerland), Bure (France) and Äspö (Sweden), thus extending our knowledge base and maintaining awareness of the latest developments and technologies.

We also apply this expertise to related fields, mining, cavern construction, tunnel construction and civil engineering.

Throughout all our business activities we offer clients innovative solutions of the highest quality and efficiency conforming to the highest safety standards.

Our work meets the highest quality standards. The annual certification and continual upgrading of our quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 are part of an ongoing improvement process that focuses on customer satisfaction.

We have expert knowledge and comprehensive know-how.
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